Boxing Day

I phoned the insurance company first thing this morning.

My reward was a recorded message telling me the office is not open until 27 December, but that if it is an emergency to call the number on the policy documents. This involved me searching for the policy documents, which, thanks to a moment of temporary efficiency back in September, were quite easily found online. So, amazed by my foresight, I found the number and called it and ended up speaking with a very nice woman with a Liverpudlian accent who could not have been more helpful, within the constraints on her. She told me that she was only in until noon, and that then she was on holiday until next Tuesday, and she commiserated with me when I told her I had to work today and tomorrow, and that I worked on Christmas Day – although the fact I was on holiday from my Portuguese tasks meant I did not get hit on the head by a large and heavy piece of Victorian ceiling.

Well, after all that she told me that someone from the insurance company will be in touch tomorrow to arrange for someone to come out and have a look and to assess what needs to be done.

The upshot is that I will have to decant from the study – eventually to the downstairs hallway – which involves clearing out the study ahead of workers coming in some time in the new year to repair the damage. In the meantime, this is my temporary office – the dining room table. I’ll make do.