Merry Christmas

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

Ours got off to a wonderful start when the question whether or not we had a leak in the pipes in our bathroom was finally, and dramatically, answered in the affirmative. We were sitting in the kitchen enjoying a Christmas morning cup of coffee when we heard this almighty crash coming from the study. We rushed through to find a large block of plaster on the floor and a big damp hole in the ceiling where it used to be. I started clearing up when, crash, another block of damp plaster fell on top of the chair that I would normally be sitting at. What a lucky escape, thought I.

So, we cleaned up as best we could and decided to leave it until tomorrow to phone the insurance company. Since there was really nothing we could do we thought why let it spoil Christmas any more than it was already spoiled by my having to go to work at 4pm (only kidding, I love my job).

Christmas was hard for Linda, who misses her mum, but she rose to the occasion and prepared a wonderful meal for her “two boys”.

The only fly in the ointment – apart from the hole in the study ceiling – was having to go to the office for 4pm, which meant I had to refrain from alcohol. So, apart from one glass of Buck’s Fiz at 11am, all I had to drink was coffee, water and coke. Still, I survived. Now all I have to do is phone the insurance company and get the leak fixed and my ceiling repaired – which will probably involve me having to take everything out of the room.

Problems for another day. Merry Christmas.