Through the looking glass

No sooner had I moved my desk and computers downstairs than the plumber arrived.

The main reason for decanting to the “space at the bottom of the stairs”, where the heat does not reach, was because of the water dripping through the very large hole in my study ceiling. Now that just about everything is in the “fridge at the bottom of the stairs”, the dripping has stopped, because the plumber located the source and fixed it. So now I’m freezing my proverbials off while editing and translating various projects, and my study is dry once more – although parts of the ceiling look ready to fall, so perhaps it is no bad thing that I move down here until the study is fully repaired.

Speaking of repairs, my dealings with the insurance company were the most straightforward and stress-free dealings I have had with any insurance company, ever. I was expecting them to send someone up to assess the damage and the cause and find a way out of having to pay. Instead, what I got was someone telling me to get a plumber up to find and repair the leak straight away, and not to bother getting quotes – just get the leak fixed, then get the plumber to send the bill to them. They also told me to get quotes from two plasterers and take lots of photos, then send the quotes to them to authorise the work. No quibbles, no assessment, no hassle.

So, taking the insurance company’s advice, I contacted the owner of the company that is replacing our bathroom in two weeks and asked him if he could send his plumber up to find the leak and get a head start on the ripping out of the old bathroom. Two hours later the plumber was at the door. He took a quick look at the study ceiling and then went into the bathroom and located the leak immediately, which he then proceeded to repair – which involved completely removing the toilet and disconnecting the cistern (which was the culprit). The upshot is that there is no more dripping in the study and no upstairs toilet – at least for the next two weeks, when our new bathroom should be complete… without any leaks. Then we just need someone to come and repair my study ceiling, but that’s a tale for another day.